listing (plural listings)

  1. An entry in a list or directory.
    Aardvaark Plumbing is the first listing in Yellow Pages.
  2. (computing): A printout of a program or data set.
    Print me a listing of the latest version.
  3. A physical manifestation of a single item in a list; as a single twenty page (bound) listing.
    Please pass me the second listing for the two story house, from that stack.

7 letters in word "listing": G I I L N S T.

Anagrams of listing:

Words found within listing:

gi gilt gilts gin gins gis gist git gits glint glints glit glits in ins instil inti intil intis is isling it its li lig ligs lin ling lings lins lint lints lis list lit liting lits nil nils nis nisi nit nits si sigil sign siling silt sin sing sit siting sling slit snig snit st sting ti tig tigs til tiling tils tin ting tings tins tis

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